GEO Survey

GEO / GIS Spatial Information

We deploy the latest technology to the field. Utilizing sub-foot accurate GPS units to collect data for asset/infrastructure auditing and with QA/QC services for new infrastructure placement.

Our Approach “DVRi”

Distributed Visual Remote Inspections

  • Working remotely is something we as a society are adopting very quickly
  • Distributed workflows allow’s companies/teams to leverage their experts no matter where they are
  • Leverage the best people onto your project no matter where they are
  • Increase your efficiency up to 80% by bringing the decision making out of the field and onto your desktop.
  • Sub-Meter Spatial accuracy and Centimeter Relative accuracy are our standard delivery methods
  • Reduce cost and increase safety performance by decreasing field personnel required, increase efficiency by utilizing State-of-the-Art-Technology, the combination of efforts equals increased velocity, quality and safety